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for "newsroom." >>> are from the cnn headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." >>> the lat est on the flu epidemic. >>> straight couples can learn a lot from same-sex marriage, and that from the dean of the national washington cathedral. we will talk to him. >>> and hollywood's second biggest night. dresses and divas and a drinking game? game? we will explain. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye and it is 8:00 on the east coast and 5:00 a.m. out west and thank you so much for starting your morning with with us. >> we start this hour with the latest on the flu epidemic that has gripped the nation. the cdc reports that 20 children have died, and we know from individual states that more than 100 adults are dead. with 47 states reporting widespread flu activity health officials say it is too soon to know if we are over the peak. in new york, governor cuomo has declared a public health emer emergency because of the flu and it clears the way to vaccinate children more easily. more than 19,000 flu cases have been diagnosed in new york alone
say good morning once again and bring in my colleague, victor blackwell in atlanta. i know you have some of the latest on some of the other major news outside the beltway, of course. >> absolutely. had to get settled back into my seat after the big workout this morning. for the past two days, he confessed to oprah winfrey in an exclusive two-part interview. the u.s. anti-doping agency still wants lance armstrong to come clean under oath. in a frank and really revealing interview, armstrong told miss winfrey about the years of systematic drug use on the u.s. postal service cycling team but he continued to decline accusations that he forced members of the team to dope. >> i was the leader of the team. i wasn't the manager, general manager, the director, the -- >> but if someone was not doing something to your satisfaction, could you get them fired? >> it depends what they're doing. if you're asking me somebody on the team says i'm not going to dope. >> yeah. >> and i say you're fired? >> yes. >> absolutely not. >> could you -- >> could i? i guess i could have, but i never did. >> ed l
, nutrition coach, official trainer for the atlanta hawks cheerleaders, so much going on. so how does michelle obama, one, get the arms and keep them? >> i wish it was just as simple as getting michelle obama's arms. she is very active, first of all. it's not just about spot training, working out the arms. she's active, watches what she eats. she's very into nutrition. those are two key factors into getting toned arms. another thing is genetics. and she was a college athlete. she has a lot of things on her side. but if you want to tone your arms and strengthen and work on getting a little more shape, you can do the following exercises. i brought my dumbbells. you can do these, too, if you want to. hammer curls to get our biceps in the front of our arm. they're going to flex. you can do this and then twist at the top and you can see -- well, you can't see yours in your jacket, but it might pop the sleeve. >> they are bulging. >> this will work our biceps. you have the weights. that's more fun. then we'll work our triceps, three muscles, tri. does it work with your suit? >> i've got it. >> turn
show outside atlanta. some were there to buy their first gun. others were eager to buy insult weapons like the ar-15 because lawmakers want to ban them. that is driving up the price of certain guns and ammo. >> 10 years ago i could buy 1,000 rounds of ammo for my ar-15 for $100. now it's 50 cents a round. gold hasn't gone up that much. >>> vice president joe biden talked to officials at virginia tech about background checks and mental health issues. >>> in arizona, nearly 50 hikers rescued after stranded in a national forest, trapped by raging floodwaters. rescue crews, searched for hours on foot and in the air, using infrared technology to make sure everyone got out. record rainfall near tucson caused that flooding. >>> back to the breaking news out of brazil. 220 people killed in a nightclub fire in santa maria. joining us is shasta darlington. do we know any more about what caused this fire? are they looking at the pyrotechnics? >> they stint haven't determined what caused it the acoustic foam caught fire. this was a large nightclub, could fit 3,000 people. they don't know how many
"newsroom" start right now. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." >> i've been coming to the show for years. one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. >> gun dealers ignore protesters as they continue with an arms expo in connecticut. is a confession imminent? why lance armstrong may come clean, but is the damage he's done to his organization irreparable. >>> the fashion mogul who dresses the hollywood elite missing. now a desperate search for his plane. >> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it's 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. out west. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we begin with a small town in crisis as residents there try to come to grips with a horrible crime and national notoriety. allegations of scandalous cover-ups in steubenville, ohio have forced city officials to launch a website to keep the community updated. this comes amid social media pressure involving rape allegations and local high school football stars. all eyes will be focused on this outrighted community divided by loyalty when two 16-year-old boys begin th
activity. earlier, i spoke with jeffrey oiler of piedmont hospital here in atlanta about what he is seeing in his offices. >> we're seeing about 20% to 25% more patients in our emergency department daily. we had 30 positive influenza screens in the month of november, ticked up to 80 in december. and we're on track in january as well. >> one of the signs of the cold or flu is sneezing. it's also one of the easiest ways to spread the illness. exactly how does the sneeze spread those nasty germs? i took a ride on a new york city subway to find out. fair warning, you are definitely going to want to wash your hands after this one. we asked dr. len horowitz to ride the rails with us and help us understand the power of a single cough or sneeze. all it takes is one good achoo to send 30,000 droplets barreling in your direction at 100,000 miles an hour. they can quickly make dozens of commuters within a few feet very sick. if someone used their hand to cover their sneeze, look out. >> they'll leave germs behind. say i come along to grab ahold of this pole, i'm going to pick up those germs without e
. wednesday, look at these 70s. atlanta with 70s? we had 19 degrees. today feeling like the teens as well. warm-up on the way for about two-thirds of the country. things are only on the improve and really will change next week, tuesday and wednesday. >> it's good to end on an uplifting note. >> you've got to, right? i'm a glass half full kind of gal. >> indeed. thank you, alexandra. >>> how is a mentally ill man, accused of shooting his mother to death, able to buy guns? we'll have that paul callan, next. >>> skier's dna to create what he calls the perfect snow skis. cnn's gary tuchman explains in this week's "start small, think big." >> reporter: creating the perfect pair of snow skis, algorithms to create custom made skis in his factory outside telluride, colorado. >> your skier dna, where you ski, your height, your weight, your age. once it figures out what your perfect ski will be mathematically, it creates a recipe for all our shop equipment here. >> reporter: computer controlled milling machines design the parts that are assembled by hand, combining 21st century technology with skil
that the blast was coming. >>> and in atlanta, a police officer was shot in the face yesterday evening. 35-year-old officer reggie robinson now in stable condition in the hospital. he was responding to a report of a drug deal when he encountered a suspicious man. the man gave chase and fired at robinson. police managed to detain the suspect and a weapon. >>> more on the deadly flu outbreak that is sweeping the nation. the cdc reports 47 states are experiencing widespread activity. the only states not showing levels that high are california, hawaii, and mississippi. one of the reasons that the flu is so dangerous is because it spreads so quickly and so easily. a simple sneeze can spread germs that can live for hours on a surface. to find out just how easily the flu can spread, i took a ride on a new york city subway. with the flu so widespread, riding the subway makes new yorkers think twice. so many commuters wondering can i get it. we asked dr. lynn horowitz to ride the rails with us and help us understand the power of a single cough or sneeze. all it takes is one good achoo to send well over
, we do a lot of fish for him. they do love dessert. i was funny. you know, you lived in atlanta and stuff. i recently cooked for the first lady. and i brought that -- did you know they're making olive oil in south georgia? >> no. >> it is fabulous. >> you brought it back -- >> i made a breakfast for the first lady with the olive oil and used that and some wonderful grits that were just amazing. >> really? >> yeah. it was great. >> your event tonight, the chefs ball, is sold out. folks can still go to your restaurant, right? >> they -- honey, we are open. we're open just until the last guest and then we start with the party. and tomorrow we're just -- we're going to be really busy. the last time we worked -- clearly about 48 hours. >> what was it like last time? just mobs of people? >> just mobs and mobs of people. >> yeah. >> it was fun. oprah was in the house. she did her show. and jon bon jovi. tonight, gayle king is here -- and my husband and i got married at the memorial. >> congratulations. >> i'm focus good. that and jesse tyler ferguson tied the knot -- everybody's going
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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